Computer Policy

Three Towns Growers, Elm Park Community Gardens & Allotments, Park View, Ardrossan, KA22 7BJ. SC047569 

  1. This policy is intended to safeguard Three Towns Growers’ hardware and software.  All computer equipment and software is the property of Three Towns Growers – staff and volunteers are only authorised to use the packages provided on the system. Staff and volunteers should ensure documents are created to reflect Three Towns Growers’ house style format. Font should be Arial and size 12pt Headings are in bold and not underlined.  
  2. If you wish to use anything else on the computers, then you must be authorised to do so by IT Support.  This includes loading files and/or software from a non-accredited source. 
  3. Computer configurations or system changes must be authorised by IT Support. 
  4. Staff and volunteers are permitted to use computer equipment (with the prior authorisation of the Board Chair) out of working hours ensuring Three Towns Growers’ policy on Health and Safety is adhered to.
  5. Personal use of these facilities by an employee/volunteer for a reasonable and specific purpose will be authorised at the discretion of the Board Chair. 
  6. The installation or use of personal facilities (i.e. personal e-mail accounts, personal accounts with Internet Service Providers) is not permitted 
  7. All documents created or altered on behalf of Three Towns Growers must be stored on the group cloud storage.  
  8. Staff/Volunteers should only use Three Towns Growers equipment that is setup for their own login details.  

This policy is to be read in conjunction with the following policies/documents: 

  • Data Protection Policy 
  • Health & Safety Policy 
  • Social Media Policy 

Review date: 6th April 2019